The USS Quad Damage


Yesterday my mother finally got to meet my girlfriend, we went to Yum Cha at the Dragon Star Restraunt in Market city, I'm still amazed at how many people go there, there would be at least 500 seats and there's a crowd of people waiting outside on the weekends.

We went down to the markets after where I was shocked to see 2kg of cooked prawns for $6, we ended up buying some nice ones for $10/2kg later on in the day. I think that works out to be cheaper to snack on than chips, I'll need to find a way to make that work.

We went on to watch tales of the silk road at the captiol theatre, their last show in Sydney, the story was no better than in most computer games, but then we were there for the dancing. I had never before seen someone spin a few rotations in a second and keep that up for a few seconds, then again I've never seen ballerinas perform.