The USS Quad Damage


The weekend of cooking worked out great. Including me, 8 people turned up. Sam left early, Eli and Danny left a bit later. Pinky, B2, and Tristan stayed till the next day. I haven't had a night like this in a long time -- I'm talking about the kind where you stay up talking shit until 5 in the morning, only to wake up around 10 and talk shit until 5 that evening :). It was a great weekend. I also had a good taste of wine, which is really not so bad once you get used to it. It's a great feeling sitting around sipping from wineglasses reminiscing about the past and stuff. It was also a great feeling me and Pinky cooking with Dimmu Borgir playing in the background. Life is good.

The dinner guests were excellent company, and it was great to catch up, but it was hard too because the whole time I was running around the kitchen cooking stuff (more on that later). It was a pity some had to leave early, but "early" for most people still meant after dinner, so I was still quite happy. It was good to see familiar faces again, and it gives me confidence that these friendships are gonna last.

Speaking of lasting relationships, none of my High-School friends came (bastards), but I guess it's fair enough because you guys are all pretty busy. Nevertheless, it sucks how hard it is to organise events with you guys. I also feel incredibly stupid for not also sending an email out to nathan and Paulo (who I usually assume can't make it anywhere), because nathan was actually AT Paulo's house, and Paulo lives up in Fairfield, so Seven Hills wouldn't have been too far out. In any case, I could possibly handle cooking for any more people than I did, so I guess it's all good.

Speaking of cooking, (I'm on a segue roll, get it? Cooking, Segue roll!) the food turned out great considering I've never cooked before. A lot of people didn't even notice that it was completely vegetarian, so they must've enjoyed it. I cooked a lot of stuff on the grill (Brushetta and Garlic Bread) and oven (Apple Pie), so I didn't get a lot of cooktop experience, but I did do a lot of slicing and dicing.

I was hoping to help out a little with the pasta that Pinky was going to make (thereby getting some cooktop and steaming experience) but I was so busy (and slow) with my stuff I couldn't help her with the Risotto she ended up making. The apple pie was especially risky because I'd never made it before, and neither had Pinky (not the type I made). I've still got some pastry and mix left over, so I might try and make some more. Pinky got me the "I roll Twenties" shirt from thinkgeek, so I kept mentioning that nothing could possibly go wrong -- it did not, so the shirt must have some mojo.

Even my brother made a guest appearance for a short while. He even dropped off my new phone (which is pretty sweet -- the phone as well as my bro, awwwww) and checked the place out. The second morning we played with puzzles sent pictures of each other around via bluetooth.