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Black people are cool

I'm going to try to do this post like that guy who always emboldens every other word so that people can easily pick out the punch lines. POW!!!

Anyone who's switched to SBS or ABC during primetime might have seen something interesting. Since I don't watch Neighbours, I usually take the time to watch the ABC news, since god knows nothing's more interesting than watching TV. A staggering amount of air-time is given to people starving in Africa, owing to the drought. Not staggering because it's too much air time, but staggering because you won't see other stations mention it at all. It's amazing that they won't show footage of children dying of starvation so close to the live 8 concerts.

Maybe the commercial stations are afraid that supermodels might get jealous seeing mere kids with barely any muscles and tiny pot bellies having the ability to fit into smaller clothes than them. I don't think they realise that there's a solution that fits everyone.

Being a hot female supermodel myself, I'm thinking that instead of eating crap food and taking out a gym membership, I might send that money overseas to the drought stricken victims. Because seriously, Australians have a drought on their hands, but they're never going to die of starvation. Black people are just so much cooler than regular people in that regard.