The USS Quad Damage

People are retarded

I may have mentioned that I bought a new phone last weekend. It was supposed to be delivered this week (by friday). I thought it would be a good opportunity to take a journal (with pics) of me taking care of my friend's house and dogs over 3 weeks.

Friday came, the phone did not.

I rang up Raina, who sold me the phone, and asked her what was going on. She said she'd get in touch with customer service. Customer service rang me up, while I was driving, to tell me that the V978 I asked for was out of stock, so it would take until the 1st until I'd get the phone. I said "WTF, I ordered an E1000"! The dude said "Oh, I'll just make that change here and send you that one instead." So basically, they didn't send me the phone because a phone I didn't ask for was out of stock. I repeated that it was the Motorola E1000 that I signed up for. He says "yes, yes" (like der).

If it's so obvious, how the fuck did you mess up my order dickhead?

Despite minidigital fucking me over for 3 months after taking my money, my internet buying experiences have been very good. I've bought stuff from Kalk, Auspcmarket, DVDCraze, and Expansys, just to name a few, and they've all arrived fine. Pretty much anytime I've ordered something where someone's had to write something down, I get fucked over. This kind of behaviour pisses me off. I mean, take some pride in the service you provide.