The USS Quad Damage

Cooking with Kalsi

When I initially agreed to take care of my friend's house, I expected that once given the opportunity (and pressure), I would become some marvellous cook, not unlike the Iron Chef, using one "key ingredient" (whatever was in the house) to cook up a variety of tasty meals. I'd have assistant chefs and everything. My fame would spread far and wide, and I'd get my own cooking show: Cooking to the DEATH!!! with Sunny.

I'd affectionately be known as "The Sunny" by my fans.

Unfortunately, cooking requires ingredients, and since I've just gone shopping (and stayed perfectly clear of the fresh foods section) I've come to the realisation that I'm basically copping out. I've bought burger stuff (ie: stuff for making burgers), noodles, chips, and very little in other items. I intend to buy food, or make sandwiches, or go out to eat, or get those pre-prepared meal thingies.

I'm going to re-assess the situation when I'm more hungry.