The USS Quad Damage

It takes effort to write

I haven't been posting very much, and that's mainly because it takes about an hour of my time to write something substantial and I guess "useful". This is why ranty and / or short posts have been ruling the day of late (I suspect even with others). I think Paulo's willing to write pages worth of stuff for a girl he may / may not like but can barely be bothered to cut and paste it here. I don't have that kind of motivation.

So I'm going to be ranting again.

I bought a 3G mobile (well, I bought the plan). The phone is usually extra on top (like $500) but yesterday they were giving the phones away so you just had to pay for the calls, with a cap and a minimum spend, ala the normal 3 deals. Despite the fact that I hate their advertising campaign, I am supportive of the engineers and the technology. They need money, and they're cheap enough for me to buy, so why not. Orange and 3 are both Hutchison anyway, so my money's not going anywhere new. I'll be getting an E1000, which is better than the A1000 in my opinion, despite the fact that the A1000 is basically a palm style thing.

Next week I'll also be moving out to take care of a friend's dogs and house for a few weeks. I have great trepidation, but at the same time I think it's probably going to be easier than I imagine. I only hope that I don't mentally scar or otherwise kill the dogs before the time expires. It's going to be the first time in my life when I'll be taking care of someone instead of being taken care of. If I have a late night at work I may have to contend with some issues. I'm hoping it will enable me to gain the skills to move out, or at least help my mum around the house some more (which, all of us being guys, we don't do at all).

It will be an interesting time. I'll try and send picture messages to flickr and/or this blog :)