The USS Quad Damage

Note to self

I used to think of Crystal Space as "the" open source 3d engine to use for if/when I ever get around to making a game. However, recently I was looking up some other 3d engine stuff when I came across underware and ogre3d.

Holy the fucking shit!!! Ogre3D looks like it's got crystal space seriously beat. It's got SDKs, blender exporting, and everything. It looks far more complete. Underware, OTOH is effectively a 3D MMOG engine with python bindings and cool jabber/xml shizzat. With their powers combined as Ogre Underware, we could have the ultimate MOG power!!!

Note to everyone else:

Some people might know that I'm currently working on a lumines clone for the PC. nathan tried to ruin my fun by showing me some japanese guy who's already done it, but I'm not disenfranchised. Japanese people have no lives, I swear. Anyway, I did some work on it today and it's finally using SDL for events and drawing. I'm going to be moving it to openGL, then fixing up some issues. Basically, because I've never played the game, I don't know how it "works", so my implementation appears to act differently to the original. I don't actually know this, but I can guess that the jap guy who did the clone had played it, and his version is different to mine, so mine needs to be changed. I'll try putting it on Berlios when I've gotten it to be presentable.