The USS Quad Damage

The Kalsi report

OK, I thought I'd do a crappy ranty post with inappropriate punctuation for once. It's not easy putting together complete sentences about a logical topic all the time, especially when it appears no one reads the thing.

My awesome of the week has been, for a while now (about a week), "Every enemy I've met, I've annihilated." People who read it know that I update it every day, but I really wanted the response to this one. No one knew. They tried crappy comebacks like "well, you must not have many enemies, unless you count flies." I appreciate the effort, you know, but if you've heard the correct response, nothing else will bring a smile to your face. Today, I bit the bullet and updated with the correct response. I wonder if anyone will notice, or care. I think the fact that I'm loud draws attention to me, and people try and act all cool about it, and not care.

Am I sounding blonde yet? Or do I have to go super-saiyan to do that?

It took me 2 hours to get to work this morning. It was possibly the longest it has ever taken. The worst part of it was that it took one hour to get from my house to the tolls. I took the Ingleburn way, which wasn't all that smart, in hindsight. I was about ready to let rip, when Niv (co-worker, probably about 8.5 months pregnant, by the looks of it) told us her 35 minute drive took 1.5 hours. Damn. I just can't bitch about anything.

Maybe that was just bitchy, I'll keep trying.

The last episode of Mythbusters was one I really enjoyed. It was the one where they try and get needles out of a haystack, and play music to plants. It gets me wondering why it actually worked, and how come Chimaira did so much better than Bach, and if Dimmu vs Mozart would've worked the same. Anyway, it gives me something to say to the classical music loving, plant growing hippies. Now I know that Don Burke should be releasing an album with covers of "Roots bloody roots" and "Break of the hedgecrusher" on it.

All my projects are falling behind. I haven't got an upgrade for my sound system for my car, I haven't finished my lumines clone, I haven't done anything on the sentry (although perhaps that's Moh's job), it just feels like I have a lot of projects left on the backburner. I'm trying out Gnomemeeting's SIP support with free world dialup. I may have to bug nathan one evening to break out SJPhone so we could have another of those awkward "hey, can you hear me now?" conversations.

Speaking of which, why does linux not look more like computers that leet hackers use in movies. I don't mean the console, because that's pretty much there. I mean the GUI. Apple GUIs have a particular look which would be shown as a graphic artist's GUI, for example. Windows has the "I'm an idiot / I play video games / I use it for work" kinda GUI. Linux, by all rights, should look like I'm about to break into the world bank, no matter what I'm doing. Extra points for Radical Edward style smileys. There's that Lain desktop project which has been going for a while but it looks just like fluxbox.

I mean, wmi is definitely a step in the right direction, but it's gotta have the mad angular hacker stylings going. I think it's possible to do a theme or an engine in gtk that could do the same. Maybe I should start a new project.

I haven't seen my high school buddies in a while. I wonder what y'all look like. I have to help Moh this weekend with C++, but I'd like for us to actually gather up. Raji's probably in a "free" spot about now, so we should probably make an effort to go see him.