The USS Quad Damage

A month's worth of burnout

No one was more excited with the proposition of daily updates than me. Every day I'd come to this site with eagerness, hoping someone had written something interesting. In the beginning, this was possibly the case. Looking back, not even having ended the month, I see now that the longest posts were by me, and a fair few of nathan's were tiny posts in an attempt to adhere to the deadlines. Now it looks like I'm the only one posting (including this one, the last 3 being from me, and spanning over the week till now).

You see, I initially thought to blame nathan for being lazy, but then I realised that this was an attempt to get the rest of you to contribute. And it failed my friends... it failed like a retarded monkey trying to do calculus. Have you ever seen something like that? It looks pathetic, believe me -- I did four unit maths. This looks just as bad. Shame on you, other contributors. For six people, we don't post nearly enough.