The USS Quad Damage

52nd Sydney Film Festival

The Sydney Film Festival is starting on the 10th of June, going till the 25th, and I'd like to actually go and see some of the movies. The prices seem to be on par with normal movies ($15 adult, $11 concession), except that people who worked on the movie are there to talk about it afterwards, etc. Also, the movies are decidedly better than the ones they tend to show in normal cinema.

They'll be showing Howl's Moving Castle, which I really want to see. I'd like to have something organised by then, so that we can go see some movies together. Any thoughts?

Also, Raji is free until the 5th of June. In addition, due to my negligence and us not having done anything for Harpy's birthday, I recommend we do something next weekend... to the MAX! Also inviting Hazza, etc.

Please consider these ideas.