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Batman Begins

I'm actually rather looking forward to this movie. I immensely enjoyed "The dark knight returns" comic, which shows batman as a little bit older, and this movie seems to have a similar feel. Something that bothers me, though, is the rubber suit. Even in the photos, it doesn't look very mobile. Considering his only "power" is agility, seeing him move in a way that clearly makes him look uncomfortable kind of destroys the feel in the movie.

It's ironic that the best batman I've ever seen, anywhere, was the one on Batman: dead end, which was a fan flick where he takes on the predator and alien. Despite the stupid ending, the dude making it really captured batman, and the joker. After seeing the blue suit look like that, and seeing the mobility of the batman, I'm never going to approve of black leather bullshit. When I saw x-men, I was also disappointed that everyone started wearing black, but when Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) said "What would you prefer? Yellow spandex?" I agreed with him. Now I do not.

Anyway, batman wearing leather is stupid. Any superhero anywhere wearing ANY leather is stupid. Superman wouldn't wear leather, and for this reason, despite the fact that he's the shittiest superhero idea of all time, he still ends up best on film. They pick a buff guy with a tight suit. It looks good, like it should. Fake rubber nipples do not.

OK, I wrote that, then saw this. While my words now have less confidence, I still reckon the Batman from Dead End looked awesome.