The USS Quad Damage

Vorpal Transmission +5

I had a magical journey on the way to work today. The 2MBS 102.5 (Sydney's fine music station) announcer reads the weather: "A fog in the western suburbs, but I'm sure it's lifting, seeing as it's quarter past 8". There was no fog in the beginning of the M5, so I wasn't really paying much attention to it. Then he played a piece which had a clarinet and vocals. It was an awesome piece. Right as the operatic vocals kicked in, out of nowhere, a thick fog enveloped my car, and I was transported.

Maybe it was the music, but all of a sudden it was like I was playing a medieval car racing game or something. The trees all had a thick, heavy fog, but the road was clear. The signs appeared and faded like I was in the amazon. And the music was completely appropriate to the mood. I don't know what the piece was called, but that according to the announcer, everyone would "know this next one". A piece by Rachmaninov followed, and even that was quite appropriate for the setting.

A heavier fog as I approached King George's road, and a choir piece. It wasn't Gregorian Chant, but with the heavy fog, it still felt like I was playing Halo, driving one of their Hum Vee thingies. What followed was a song I've heard before, possibly in a game or movie track. It consists of strings starting high and going low. Playing the same note twice, but with the first one skipped so it sounds a little off. It's a really depressing piece, and it suited the heavy fog and trucks, like I was in some cyberpunk genre thing.

Anyway, a related thought I had a couple of nights ago was making / playing a d20 version of need for speed, if only for giggling stupidly at the ridiculosity of the idea. It would be named: Need for Speed: Underdark. You could get masterwork transmissions, which you could get wizards to enchant to get extra bonuses. I like the idea of a Vorpal Transmission. Finally, your car could have a charisma score.

When you started racing, you could roll initiative. There are no limits to the possibilities. If you're a mage driver, you can cast spells while driving to aid you (expeditious retreat), or hurt others (fireball). Fighters would get cornering bonuses.

I play too many video games.