The USS Quad Damage

Gooey, brewy, yummy, chewy...

nathan is ever at odds with his bone disease... thing, called katamari damacy. He talks about it at length, but I always fail to listen. All I know is that it gives him awesome Hapkido powers when it comes to putting him in a lock.

He first mentions the gruesome topic to ease in the introduction of an even more gruesome topic: Indian movies. His penultimate sentence leaves a chilling reminder of times gone by: "Perhaps a parody of a DND game?". Clearly, despite the physical aspects of the disease, the most frightening changes are within the mind.

If the previous post didn't make you want to throw up, this one will. Among culinary wrongdoings, there is mention of knob kleptonics, and of course, ankle surgery.

Eventually, he decides to give an in depth exposé of his disease, in an incredible yet taxing account of his life, down to cutting toenails. I didn't read it, but it was long enough. When they make it into a movie trilogy, like Lord of the Rings, then I'll watch them and claim to have read the post. He eventually realises that he's not alone in his guild of funny-bones. He has kin in Fuzzy's Logic.

Having this disease isn't easy, so to ease the pain, he whinges about how it's difficult to walk and that he needs continuous surgery. He eventually has a Adam Sandler zen moment, when he realises that it's all in the hips. He eventually tries to gather interest and sympathy by playing to his finite mortality, unlike everyone else's infinite mortality.

I guess this makes him the real tumour sheep.