The USS Quad Damage

Under New Management

No, this is not another post where I slag off Management/Employers etc.

Instead, I mean the above title to refer to the new look of this webpage.

I have one tiny small complaint (that really only effects me):

The colours now make it too obvious that I'm not doing any work and browsing the internet instead. I can't hide my monitor or what's on it where I sit at work; it's free and open for everyone to look at. I need like a text only version that I can read.

Don't get me wrong, I like the design/colours etc. I just don't "need" them to read the posts.

Also, this is probably IE's fault, but the text frames for posts are all over the place for me (as in their width/size etc.) Is this happening for anyone else?

PS. Where is my "icon" supposed to appear? I haven't seen it yet.