The USS Quad Damage

Geeky stuff

Toshiba has made a new battery that charges to 80% in one minute, and they want to use it in hybrid cars, link here. Now if it was for an electric car, just how much current would it need to charge the batteries? This little prototype would take almost 30 amps. I'm looking forward to this being used for mobiles, pda, laptops, cameras and all my other geeky toys.

Speaking of my toys, I do an amazing amount of damage to them, I've half tripped over my powerbook power cord about three times, the first time the powerbook was close to coming off the table, and I had to bend the plug back into space. When it was in my bag, the bus braked too hard and I have a slight bent in the side of the powerbook as it landed on the edge of a step, and more recently I dropped the power adaptor onto the trackpad button leaving a dent there, I lost one of the screws on the ram door, and I managed to knock off one of the rubber feet under the laptop, various cosmetic scratches, but it's still working fine. For now at least, and it's still prettier than my old thinkpad ever was.

If you're looking at getting memory cards, RAM for your computer, USB memory sticks or anything of that sort, have a look at, they're having a sale on, I bought a 512 MB USB2 stick that I wrote to at 8MB/sec for $60, the 1GB version is 104.50, and it's tiny! The sale finishes today, they have a lame website, but they're the cheapest place I've found for these things.