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Soy and Health

Continuing on about soy -

I spent the next day trying to work out for myself how likely that story was. So first I hit google, found a lot of pages with related information about soy isoflavones which appears to be the problem, read up on those, and decided to look at the research myself, so I hit pubmed to see what information has been published in scientific journals. Up came 1082 articles, okay I thought, I'll take a step back and look at review articles, 197, and then look at the last few years.

One of the more positive ones said - "Recent studies suggest beneficial health effects of soy and recommend increasing the intake of isoflavone-rich soy protein to the level of intake commonly used in Asian countries." PMID: 15544549 unfortunately for those who promote soy, that level isn't all that high, and historically even lower than it is now.

There are others articles saying great things about how soy is great for those who would other need hormone replacement therapy, yes but I'm a guy in his 20s, what does that mean to me? So based on the research that has been done in the last year or two, we find that we don't know much about it. Now I have even less respect for published findings.

Something else I found was the Western A. Price Foundation, which had interesting views on health and well being. Now to find out what others have said about Western's findings since the 1930s...