The USS Quad Damage

Trac, and what the fuck is wrong with this planet

OK, I only just finished typing up the post, and WHAM, blogger screwed up on me. Clearly it sensed that I was typing hateful shit towards a certain asian cow, who has got me pissed because her site is so much more popular than ours, and she's appeared in radio interviews and gets endorsements and gets voted most popular asian blog, despite the fact that our posts (which I, in my initial post, described as textual fistcuffery) are better than hers. I also said that our literary heirs are superior to her literary heirs.

After a series of puns and delightful reading material, I proceeded to outline my grand plan to topple her dominance: To unleash the U.S.S. Quad Damage: Ultra happy hyper psycho ninja edition mode of death. This updated version of the site would have as much orange as her site has pink, and more Kanji/Hanzi/Kana than she could shake a stick at. Asian indeed. I also mentioned how this would take a little time, so be patient, but I was definitely going to do this. Also that the overall layout of the site would look pretty much the same.

I also talked about svn and trac, and how they're awesome, but you can look that up yourself.