The USS Quad Damage

Guess who I ran into

I was filling my car up at a service station in mac fields, and Lewis Tsirpilis and Anthony Munslow were there. Didn’t recognise them at all (mostly because Anthony was hiding behind sunglasses and a hat, and Lewis has lost a LOT of hair on top - seriously, a lot), in fact I thought they were gonna come bash me - they looked like angry in Lewis’ XR6 (and cos I also snuck in front of them and stole their space for filling up - I purposefully didnt look their way because of this)

Then I was in the middle of filling up the tank, and Lewis starts waving to me from a couple of aisles accross (almost sexually which was very concerning to begin with). Then he yells, you don't recognise me do you? It's Lewis! And we start having this yelling conversation across the two lanes of cars. Anyways, we pulled up out of everyone's way and started talking. They told me tons of stories about other people and what they’re up to (married, kids, etc) and I suggested we all get together. Munslow drives trucks at the airport and works on Saturdays, but I think we might be able to do something on Saturday night – they seemed keen on pool at Leumeah, anyone else want to come up on Saturday night 26th March (day before Easter Sunday)?

Let me know so I can organise it with them.