The USS Quad Damage

Experiment... failed

OK, as you know I switched my /home partition to reiser4 a while ago. I've since switched it to XFS. The reason isn't that reiser4 itself is bad, it's that the -mm kernel series always has something annoying about it. I was hoping reiser4 would get accepted into the main branch pretty quick, but that hasn't happened. I've also heard there are some issues with it, so it may be a while before it does get into the main branch. So I've decided to switch back to the main branch, and my partition to XFS, which is pretty much as good as reiser4.

Actually, XFS is a pretty damn good system. I'd use it over any other fs (other than maybe JFS, and of course reiser4). If XFS works out OK in my /home partition, I'll migrate my whole system over to it.

Also, unlike last time, the change seemed to go pretty smoothly. I didn't lose data, at least.