The USS Quad Damage


I thought I should share some strange graffiti that is on a wall near my work. I walk past it almost every day, and it's been there for over 12 months. Perhaps the local council doesn't want it removed (or even the residents around it) because it's just, well, it's just there (ie. not really offensive)

1. There is a very large picture/drawing/painting/graffiti thing of a face that half resembles the garden gnome which we decapitated not so long ago

2. Underneath it are the words "Pumbo 6/0"

3. Near some rocks used as a retaining wall, and behind some sort of wire is "free the rocks!"

4. And right in the middle of a large plain white wall is "we have seen each other before, yes?"

My favourite one is up the road (no-where near the above graffiti) and has been there for 4 years or more. Perhaps the council is sympathetic with the artist. It says "Kill John Howard".