The USS Quad Damage

The Ruddmeister

I met Lewis Rudd yesterday. He goes Jehovah's with his mum sometimes. Awkward, but luckily we haven't talked about God yet. He's doing pretty well. He's been married for 2 odd years to someone he was dating in year 12 (not from our high school). He's designing high speed motors for a company that makes aerosol cans, if I remember correctly. I kinda must've missed a sentence because I ended up talking about high speed motors and asked "so what kinds of motors do you make?", to which he replied "we don't make the motors, we make aerosol cans". Good one, Kalsi.

He lives near the station, and works at Ingleburn Industrial area. 5 minutes to work etc. No traffic, no bullshit. His wife does kitchen design (drafting and all that jazz), so they're both designers. It's so cute I could hug them both. Perry's doing Horticulture, something I lovingly refer to as "lawn stuff".

I resisted the temptation of saying "So, if I ever wanted high speed motors in a kitchen...". I did however mention that we're trying to make an aerosol powered gun, so he could help out with that :). Oh yeah, and he's still fucking tall.