The USS Quad Damage

Fooly sik 200SX bro

First, I recognise that this is becoming somewhat of a car journal for me. I apologise and promise to keep it to a minimum. Secondly, I can't confirm that the person driving the car in this story was a leb, but he certainly fit the stereotype. Anyhow, on with the show.

If Lebs weren't so hilariously stupid, I'd find them irritating. I'm driving home on King George's road when I notice this white 200SX to my right. It's not hard to notice. It's loud, and it looks like the driver really wanted to expediate his trip home (or has a serious case of ADHD, take your pick). He's shifting left and right in his lane, and constantly accelerating and braking, right on the arse of the car in front of him.

As soon as he sees the space in my lane, he pulls in. It's dangerous, but I expect that kind of behaviour, so I'm prepared. Again, he's right on the arse-end of the car in front of him, moving left and right, constantly accelerating and braking. The middle lane manages to get about one car length ahead of the right lane when it slows down in comparison. In a flash, he's in the right lane again (rather dangerously, but again, the other guy's expecting it. I mean, he was taking it the arse until the 200SX moved into my lane, so he knows to slow down). His grand total gain: 1 car. Then the car he overtook moved past my lane and into the left lane (rather comfortably, by comparison), and drove off left. Now the SX was straight back where he started. In fact, if he'd have stayed in his lane, he'd still be exactly where he was. My lane started overtaking his again and a little while later I saw him shoot forward in the left lane, but then I lost sight of the guy.

As I was driving (still haven't changed lanes yet) I got to thinking "This guy, with all his effort, will still probably end up behind me. He's got more strength than strategy." OK, so I'm driving along and I pull into the right lane to get on the M5. Just before I'm pulling up to the stop, and up from behind me comes the 200SX, speeding like crazy. He goes into the left lane and disappears. I couldn't wipe the smile from my face.

hehe. Lebs...