The USS Quad Damage

You won't believe it

I just got a call from C91.3 and I'm gonna be a part of a competition on Saturday to win a brand new car!

I'll need some support, so you guys gotta come down okay?

I'm so excited man! Here I am, just typing away (or whatever I do at work) and my phone rings and this guy says 'Hey it's Blah from C91.3. Do you remember filling out an entry form at Paul Wakeling Motors recently?’ I said yeah, and he asked if I had any plans on Saturday (shut up, this is nothing like that ‘pizza guy’ episode!), and I said I had a feeling they were about to change! Anyways, the point is I have a 1 in 38 chance of winning a new car on Saturday!

Details are here :

Basically, there will be 38 people, including me, standing around Bradbury Oval. The car will be filled up with $1 worth of petrol and driven around the oval until it stops – whoever it stops in front of, wins the car!

They said the promotions dept would ring me with the details of what I need to do on Saturday later – I haven’t heard from them yet so I’m a bit anxious!

I know it’s legit though, cos I rang Harpy and he turned the radio on and heard me on there!

Anyway, I feel like Big Kev at the moment! (hence all the exclamation points!)

I never win anything man - well, that's a lie - I won one thing about 10 years ago, ironically a cd from another radio station. I dont remember what it was as I sold it to someone shortly after.

You guys gotta come down man, seriously! Please?

By the way, I'm No. 7!