The USS Quad Damage

Tomorrow is hump day!

Happy hump day for tomorrow!

Is everyone available for a mass movie day this weekend?

nathan said we can do it at his place! (well, he WILL say it when we all turn up at his door with chips and stuff [and bread for nathan])

Some suggestions are below (by nathan and Sunny).

Rear Window
The Princess Bride
The Return of the King
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Cars That Ate Paris
Raise Your Voice
Blade Runner
Return to blue lagoon
Trick or Treat
Spring, summer, autumn, winter, and spring

I have LOTR(ROTK), and can also get my hands on a pirated Pirates of the Caribbean.

I have a copy of Hero at home (I dont know how good quality it is) and some other stuff as well, like Daredevil (I dont know if it's good or not).

Any other suggestions?

Anyone interested/free to do it this weekend?