The USS Quad Damage

Interesting parts of the M5

I take the M5 on the way to work. I wonder if anyone else has noticed a few of the interesting things on it, like the bouncy bit on the bridge just before fairford avenue (on the way in to Liverpool). Another interesting bit is how the entire M5 could be running at 20, but for some reason the EWay bit, which is supposed to be at 70, always runs at 100. Perplexing.

I would also like to take this time to bitch about crazy truck drivers. I mean, when a starlet cuts you off or goes across 3 lanes right in front of you then it's OK, since they're like rats (and rat-sized), and dextrous enough to not crash into you (it's still shitty, but you know, you can stand it). When a truck does that kind of thing, you think "what the fuck is this dude on?". I mean, they have pretty well defined destinations, as opposed to leb girlfriends constantly changing their minds.

There was a semi (the ones that carry cars on their backs) in the middle lane. There's a left lane, then another lane to the left of that for turning left. The trucks pulling up to the lights and I'm turning left. Then the truck moves left. I think "It's OK, it's just moving to the left lane." Hell no, he goes straight for the left lane, leaving me in that "holy shit" unbelievable gasp (ultra powerup mode), and breaking vehemently.

There's also this semi carrying something really heavy. You know, because it takes forever to accelerate and slow down, and it says "boral steel". It's long, and it's split into 2 parts. Also, you know those left lanes that end, so you have to merge right? There's one of those. You'd think the slow arse truck would stay in the middle lane, leaving the starlets to speed down the left lane trying to get in front, but clearly that wouldn't be endangering the lives of enough people. It goes to the left lane and storms till the lane's finished, and signals right, coyly. The dude knows there's no way a car's gonna give way. I don't even think it's possible to give way to that thing. So it either pushes in, leaving the cars behind way too scared to go forward, or it goes past the end of the lane (since it's often too slow to push in, it does this a lot), and pushes into the new incoming left lane (this is the reason the old left lane ends). You've gotta see it, it's amazing.