The USS Quad Damage

Sometimes my dad's right

My new car is a 2000 VT series 2 commodore. 111,000 Km, $10,000. Unless I'm somehow mistaken, it's quite a good buy. I hope I'll be getting paid sometime soon, so that I can start paying the thing off. Of course, this was against my will (All I was told was that it was "a commodore" for $10k, plus my dad getting anything is scary). We've already done the insurance, which is something, considering we haven't actually paid for the car yet.

For some reason, it appears to (I haven't done a test yet) do close to 100 ks for 10 litres, which is on par for a 4-cyl camry. Seeing as this was my main concern for getting a holden, well...

So, other than the fact that it's big, the commodore is "all that".