The USS Quad Damage

Such Decision-making skills

Anyone else wonder what the difference between Mrs, Ms, and Miss is? I mean, men get a single choice: Mr. For women, it must be a confusing world. I mean, Mrs is potentially simple enough, but what the hell is the difference between Ms and Miss?

Anyway, it's interesting how Sunny is an asexual name. I always get junk mail addressing me as Ms Sunny Kalsi (or Miss, or Mrs, you never know what they'll pull out). I almost feel like I could bleed from my genitals, which is great if you can pee standing up. Clearly, by "great" I mean "horrible". This is only further complicated by mood swings. I mean, it'll be like "OH MY GOD I'M BLEEDING FROM MY PENIS. Man! I feel like a woman". Alternately: "This next song is about shooting blood out of your cock. It's called 'I CUM BLOOD'".*

I'd like to push this a little further if you will: I've been invited to a hens night. Not a buck's night, a hen's. She's an engineer, so most of her friends are guys, which makes it hilariously entertaining for her and other women attending. We'be also been encouraged to act & dress feminine, which shall be extremely entertaining for an extremely hairy person with an asexual name. The reason for this is because I won't be doing it, and I am he, the aforementioned.

* this is an actual song, and an actual quote, from the lead singer of said song. The more you know!