The USS Quad Damage

Get a job

It looks like centrelink don't want people to find work. See, they're only open on weekdays. How on earth I'm supposed to contact them when I already have a job is beyond me. Looks like I'll have to phone in on monday, while I'm at work or something, which is stupid. Even their seminars and things concentrate on how to keep getting money, and not about what to do when you actually find work. Gah, and the amount of jobs you have to find per fortnight is huge (10, 1 per day). This doesn't seem so bad in the beginning, one fortnight I did it in a couple of days. The next fortnight was filled with interviews, talking, etc. etc. leaving me no time to look for more work. That plus I'd applied for everything remotely relevant. Add to the fact that it's got tight deadlines for doing things, which actively stops free thinking, and I can see why we have long-term unemployed.

This is what's happening in my life: I've been working at VL for a week. I'll be working for another week, then going to Avaya. I got an offer at Raji's work as well, but I'm not going to be taking that. Avaya's in North Ryde, which is far. It takes an hour and a half by Hume Hwy, but I'll be using either the M5 or the M4 (which are apparently faster). Either way though, this will necessitate me moving out, eventually. There are 2 things that are stopping me.

The first is the existance of certain items I'll need for basic human survival: A mac mini, a gamecube, and a car. In addition to my palm (XScale based), my PC, and my headphones, as well as a mini system I'll be looking at stealing from my parents, I will be well equipped to move into a fully furnished, broadband connected house. Of course, I'll also need to take my drawing stuff, and buy a canon 300D, but these are less important, as are clothes.

The second, more important thing to worry about is hapkido. I need to find a new dojang at which to train, which is convenient to get to. This'll be a problem as getting used to new students and a new instructor at green belt (or blue tip) level may cause some issues to begin with. The next few months, I'll have to see if it's possible to come to Campbelltown for training, because finishing at 5 and having training start at 7:30 is gonna be a problem. I'd still really like to, though, because I've been (somewhat half-heartedly) working towards increasing my fitness for the grading. I'd really like the blue tip before moving to a different dojang. That doesn't work out to be the only problem, though. I'll be wanting to do "stuff" during weekends (monday to friday being hapkido with "break" days in between) to increase my fitness.

So that's my immediate future, for those that would like to know. This means, unfortunately, that any plans for making the short film will have to be put on hold for a while, at least the blue tip grading. Even after that, there may be some issues. We'll have to think of something. Even the movie night will have to be pushed back a couple of weekends due to Metal for the Brain, the rally, etc. etc.