The USS Quad Damage

Busyness during unemployment

It's amazing how busy I am, considering I'm unemployed. The last thing I remember was Elisa's BBQ (& our Tennis match) on Sunday, now it's freaking wednesday, and I've been doing stuff non-stop.

I have to get 10 people every fortnight who I've applied to work for. Sounds easy, right? For the dole bludgers it may be, but let me say it is not! I'm now on my second round of interviews with 3 companies. For some reason, this is keeping me busy all day every day (including weekends). Today I wanted to take it easy (mid-week, getting ready for the slog ahead), and I got an offer for casualish work and another interview call. Ouch this is heavy work.

All I'm thinking now is "just watch me mess this up!"