The USS Quad Damage


OK, More updates to the blogsite. Some visible, others more ninja-like.

Firstly, you may notice the flickr tag. I'm full of myself, and like periodically to see pictures of what tends to be me, so that's why there's a tag there. More importantly, there's now a referrers list! This is a good thing, since we can see how traffic is coming our way. This is especially nifty if we use someone elses trackback system to link back to us (Really? You like shoes? well, I mention shoes at QuadDamage! mmm shoey goodness!). So, now when we spam everyone with our site, we'll see the more popular ones send traffic our way. (Note that I'm being tongue-in-cheek, and don't ever actually intend to carry out or condone such actions).

Anyway, pictures of me, and referrals. What else is new? bookmarks. On the right hand side, you may see the sticky stories and recap episodes. Well, it's too hard to add to that list (only me and nathan can do it, and it takes a while), so now we can all add to the list (even the proles, but we'll "handle that" when the issue comes up). Basically, sign up with and tag any bookmarks with QuadDamage:Something, where Something is Food, Misc, Team_Choko, Love_Hate_Zen, or Recap. Instant linkage to this website. Awe to the SOME!

Later, if we want to add different categories or something, I'll mention it then, so you can add more linkage to the right hand side. Let's go over some other features.

You all know about the counter at the bottom (at least, you should know). If we get huge linkage and people are reading our site, then the counter goes up, and fast! The online/offline indicators on the right tells if we're online or not. And there's haloscan trackback and comments.

UPDATE: Also added some technorati links for your convenience. Searching is now good, or at least it will be, eventually.

Here's a list, for easy referring:
  • Technorati links (new)
  • Referrers(new)
  • links (new)
  • flickr badge (newish)
  • iCal
  • Web Counter
  • ICQ Status

Use it all for great justice!