The USS Quad Damage

Ordinary Story

Egoism dictates human relations
a world where fashion outshines morality
here success is written in blood-red colours
designed by the thirst for power

gather the faithful and propose a toast
to the epoch of indifference

an all too ordinary story
with an aftertaste so bitter
forced to be someone I don't want to be
I'm losing myself. sinking deeper down
I'm caught in the world wound web

a time represented by the void
an excuse without content
stuck in the abyss of existence
with a content void of excuse

an all too ordinary story
this is my story
with an aftertaste so bitter

sinking deeper down
I'm caught - I'm caged
I'm gone

This is my anthem for this year. I finally got what this song really meant about half way through last year. As far as "new year's resolutions" go, this is it (well, the conclusions of it). Everyone here will be celebrating a new year that's gone so badly for some. A gathering of the faithful, a toast to the epoch of existance, as literal as it's going to get.

I wonder if socrates would have come to the same conclusions about "living well" today as he did in his. In a world where morality really doesn't mean much (ref 'the corporation' and 'divine intervention'). Anyway, I'm not saying I'm embracing immorality. I believe Socrates, and "living well" is an important idea, which I'll follow it's bitter end, because without meaning, there is nothing. But well, what I'm going to be embracing in 2005 is that I'm not right, and Socrates was not right.

Being unreasonable sometimes pays off big, being selfish sometimes pays off big, and the proles don't know or care. "The Market" is prone to total control by a powerful few. It looks like this shit goes down to the maths of it. Maybe it's not even possible for a decent world, because any real acheivement is blood-won.

And remember: My honour is in YOUR pants.