The USS Quad Damage

Comments via Haloscan

OK, you'll see a "HS: Comment (0) | Trackback (0)" on the headings of the posts. This means that we get 2 sets of comments. We've already been having members comments which appear on the main page. This of course is something we don't want just anyone to do. That's why there's the haloscan comments, so that the proles can leave messages.

The nifty thing is trackback, though. It's kinda hard to explain, so look here or here. Basically, it shows when we're getting popular, and when we have a huge fanbase, so we should start putting up ads and making money :).

In reality, it'll allow us to hound someone who disses us publicly.

Also, it allows us to trackback our own posts. To do that, go here, and give it the trackback link of your post(s). Incidently, you can also trackback popular bloggers to send some of their readers our way.

I've also done the editing posts from the site thing.

I should also mention, which does cool stuff, except I don't know how to use it on this site, in a useful way at least.