The USS Quad Damage

wmi and the dragon illusion

first, the dragon illusion which people saw at my house can be downloaded from here.

Secondly, I've given up on getting wmi as my main window manager. It's little things, mostly. I can't get proper focus working on it. The sloppy focus it has is almost good enough, but still requires some clicking around from me (having 2 monitors with no xinerama means there's no non-mouse way to switch screens, so...). Docker won't work under it, for some reason, it just stays as a 1 pixel window. I don't know why. deskmenu won't work under it either, and it won't tell me why. The window management itself was top notch, though, and fluxbox doesn't hold a candle to it. wmii is looking sweet, though. Looks like I'll have to wait for that. :(