The USS Quad Damage

It's all over, professor

My uni's finished. As in completely. I'd like to not go back again. I've been doing the study thing for too long. Achievement has fallen by the wayside. It's a strange feeling, and I'm left clamouring and making arrangements so that old friends aren't forgotten, and all loose ends are tied up, when all I really want to do is relax and frag a little, watch some anime and read some manga, and listen to some music (more on that later). Birthdays and stuff hapenning, and I still haven't gotten out and about with Moh and everyone else.

With the departure of all stress and responsibility, all the problems that have been plaguing my computer have also disappeared. Funny how things only ever go wrong during exam times. I'm increasingly happy with my setup now, and everything seems to be in order except for the visor, which is still causing problems. When that's fixed (other than a long needed sync), I'll have to put more software on the palm, especially for mp3 playback and image viewing (for our photo hunts). It's strange how there's very little free stuff on the palm platform. I may have to code stuff up myself.

Since wmii won't be ready till some time next year, I want to try working with wmi. Despite it's relatively shallow learning curve (compared with evilwm, larswm, and ion), It's a matter of workflow and customisation. It doesn't do exactly what I want out of the box, so much configuration and scripting will be afoot. The only thing is, I've been through the hoops so many times, with my switching from enlightenment to fluxbox to waimea to fluxbox again (all very extensible and all very different to get "just right"). I'm quite frustrated with the wms now. It's like "I want wmii and xorg and I want it NOW!!!". Just gotta be patient I guess. I've realised it's about the ethos of the coders, whether they code stuff to be flexible and powerful or simple. For a wm, I'd really go the flexible route, but it's gotta support the various standards. It shits me to have a dialog box turn up in the same frame/tab/whatever.

Anyway, onto music. I haven't been listening to much music recently. There's two reasons for this. The first is that I've got a lot of music from anime on my machine right now (some because I got it off nathan, some because it's actually good, and some because it'll be useful in our movies). This is really crap to listen to. When you add this to the fact that I've got stuff like the Chimaira discography on here, it makes it really bad. The second reason is that Metal is hard to tune out. It's awesome music, it takes you to a different place. It's great for writing, but hard for reading. I'm burning a lot of stuff to CD now, and my exams being over will make it a lot better music listening wise.

I'm now running mpd. I remember getting it a long time ago. It wasn't that great. There's still some issues with it, namely the integrated database. It should probably have something a little more flexible, but that's a small issue. Now it fucking rocks. You can change state via website (pause, play, track, etc.), and with gmpc, the new tracks show up on my screen, even when someone else changes them. hehehe. On top of that foxytunes also has controls for mpd. Absolute... sheer... brilliance...

Oh yeah, and nathan's a Stuart fanboy.