The USS Quad Damage

The Harmit Awakens

It has been several days since my exit from the escapist fantasy that is EverCrack. Prompted to action by an sms from Sunny I have chosen to partake in team choko - as i was likened to do in days gone by.

It has been a lenghty period of time since last i looked upon anyone (I choose to ignore my family for this reasoning). In this time, and the periods leading up to the present, I have developed a rather ... eccentric outlook.

What many would describe as arrogance (oft unfounded) has integrated within me. I choose to be angry at ... well anything that catches my fancy, and revel in it's cold embrace. My restraints as depicted by cultural and social surrounds are wilting to my blunt and seemingly harsh opinions and perspectives. And for those that take offense at me or my doings ... welcome to democracy.

This delve outside of my self inflicted solitude should be interesting if nothing else ... let the experiments begin!