The USS Quad Damage

My Firewall Said So

Well I've just come back from my first lecture at uni.

Having said that I must complain about the stupid questions and observations people make at uni.

For instance. One guy was convinced that the Australian Government was hacking his computer and that everyone should beware!

His evidence. He has a "Good firewall" and it said the Australian Government was trying to hack him 150 times while he was viewing a website of the Government.

It's obviously apparent to even the most dim witted individual with an intelligence that is marginally measurable that he's a moron. If he knew anything technical about computers he'd have said what his firewall was, the type of attack, it's IP origin, the registered owner of that IP. Whether there was a server associated with the IP OR at the very least the page he was viewing at the time.

But no just "My firewall said so".