The USS Quad Damage


We have a new Kitten at home who goes by the name of 'Nick Nack'. Our neighbours must think we've gone loopy - every ten minutes we're yelling a loud "NICK-NACK!" because he’s always doing something he’s not meant to be doing. I should show you my 10 inch long scratches!

We also have a budgie by the name of Paddy - so we figure we'll get a dog and name it Wack, and that way we'll have Nick Nack, Paddy, Wack - and of course Pinky and (the) Brain.

I hope to start charging admission to my house/zoo/asylum soon. Tours will be extra - and don’t even ask how much the “special� water is going to be from out the back.

Perhaps we might even have themed rooms.

On second thought – this is becoming scary – the last thing I want is to have nathan over here every night living out his fantasies with all the themed rooms and animals and what not – especially the “what not�. That reminds me - nathan, could you please return my PooLubeSix!

So back to the cat – I don’t have a digital camera so I can’t upload any pictures of it – but next time someone is over, could they please bring their camera so I can take a few pictures?

Little Nick-Nack is jet black – and as you might remember, so is our lounge. I’ve sat on him twice now. Surprisingly he doesn’t mind.

Sometimes he will sit in front of the tv like a kid and watch it - this is very cool. I'd imagine we'll have to get him glasses soon though.

Out of nowhere, and quite ninja-like, he attacks feet, toes, knuckles (he gnaws on mine), hands, forearms, backs, legs, bugs, lounges, buttons, chins, doors, door knobs, his tail, x-box cords, chairs, and of course, air.

I did plan on training him to become my own personal attack-cat. Unfortunately, it’s become a little too personal, and I have the scars already to prove it.

In other news, I finished Halo 2 on the weekend. Nice game, but a bit short. It seems they’ll also be doing a Halo 3. What you can actually do (ie dual weapons, jump on vehicles and literally kick the person out) is so much better that Halo 1. I recommend Michael should buy it so we can all play it at Sunny’s place at the LAN.