The USS Quad Damage

Long time, No type

It's been a while since anyone posted. I should update a bit, since stuff has happened. There's a fair few things that I've gotta post, but it's so long that it needs to be put on the backburner.

Firstly, I got an SD card for my palm, giving me the ability to play mp3s, and store other data. At $750 total, that makes it the most expensive flash based mp3 player on the market ;). The only real problem is that buggy kernel drivers are making it difficult to sync the palm. Code cleanups always cause problems like this. All I wanted was reiser4, and that lead to me realising that I had broken 1394 drivers. Updated to fix those, and broke usbserial. gyah. It's always something...

My parents bought some nutri-grain, which in itself isn't interesting, except for the "free" keyring they give you. I've also got a wallet from the triple M showbag. Both of these are vaguely surfie styled instruments. Looking at these next to my reasonable wallet and slightly oversized keyring allowed me to make the following conclusion: Surfies are giants, at least 8 ft tall. The wallet is wholly twice the size of my normal wallet, and the keyring is almost double the size of my excessively adorned slightly bulky current keyring. That's without the keys, and the money/cards. Huge, massive, ridiculous. These guys must have hands that can fully enclose my face, and arms the thickness of my legs. I'm not afraid of people who surf, lest they get 'angry' and turn into giants.

The session ended on friday, and with it my thesis, lectures, and my uni life, as far as it goes. A strange feeling, like leaving high school, but without the assemblies and the crying women and guys doing burnouts. Strange too, since a lot of the people I know, I may not see again. For real this time. Kinda reminded me of Tony too, but you know, you get over it. I think I figured out that 'nostalgia' feeling, at least the innuendo behind it. It's the regret of looking back and not having made the most of your time. Then again, the monk said, "take your time". I guess if you don't have it, you should make it.

Afterwards, a few of us went to eat at this asian tea house. I had peppermint green tea. I really should keep in mind that mint is a natural laxative. Anyway, it was awesome tasting. Iced Tea is good. Due to the maximally asian nature of the closed set, there was a lot of iconography. I was looking up bits and trying to figure out what they mean. Wyatt was helping out. It was pretty fun. I continually mixed up "hand", and Wyatt eventually wrote it out, and if he wasn't such a nice guy, he'd be like "THAT'S NOT HAND, I'LL KILL YOU!". Anway, I bought the SD card, and we had a nice time trying to open the pack with scissors. Elle finally won over the packaging, and will proudly display said achievement in her house, likely in the bin.

I saw hero, and it was good.

A little about the site: I've added stuff to the calendar (just making it the same as before nathan screwed with it, not pointing fingers or anything because I screwed it up just before), and added icq notifiers on the right. This allows people to have access to your ICQ numbers. This is not an issue for most of you, because you've got the number in your profiles anyway, but just in case, tell me if you don't want it there. Note that no one's shows their status, because the lot of you are sneaky bastards and hide your status from ICQ.