The USS Quad Damage

My little to do list

nathan asked what am I up to now, so I thought I'll write a little list:

Computer stuff -
Find out why all computers hate me, to the point of working enough of the time that it'll be a pain to get them fixed under warranty
Play the new computer (2.5Ghz DP G5, 2 GB, 6800 Ultra, 30" LCD@2560X1600)
Set up copies of windows server 2003 (I didn't name it)
Set up a Debian server at uni (probably install woody, very old, but should be very very solid) -
Set up user mode linux and play with it (so I can use more recent software and still have a stable machine for important stuff at the same time, I hope...)
Set up a Linux machine at home or a Windows Media Centre one, not sure what yet, in any case I'll need more space
Set up a wiki server on one of the machines + other stuff
Clear out some space from my desktop machine, how did I get 300 GB of stuff on there?!?
Install various bioinformatics programs
Write up a wish-list of things I want to have set up (Linux file server with 1TB+ RAID5 for backup and stuff, UPSs, etc...)
Setup a backup system

Non computer stuff -
Think about getting some research done
Find things to do in Singapore/Malaysia/Vietnam for when I visit those places in Jan '05.
Meet more random people (try to find more people some who are not doing accounting/finance or anything like that)
Social stuff
Learn how to spell (thankful that the notepad like thing in OSX has a spell checker)
Learn this grammar thing
Finish off filling up my phone's address book