The USS Quad Damage


I just figured I'd beat nathan to it. The most excellent hero's been released. Here, as in. The awesomeness of it is astounding. NINJA!

Heard somewhere on the super star destroyer: "oooh baby baby, I find your lack of faith disturbing... yeaaaah!"

Silent bitching is a new concept. I came to the realisation yesterday that's it's why I like linux so much. If something goes wrong, instead of popping up a dialog box or similar, it'll just say "nahmatedisisfuckedeh?". and then return me to what I was doing before. It's like ambient enlightenment. Yesterday, I could tell that my mail hadn't been working for an hour, but I hadn't been actively bugged about it. It was just there, on root-tail on my desktop. That's what I call silent bitching. Brilliant!