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Have people seen/would people like to go see Alien V Predator while it's still at the cinema? I'll find out in a few days whether or not it's showing at dumaresq st. first, then I can tell you times.

I'd like to go, but first I want to see Alien (yes, you read right, I haven't seen Alien). Does anyone have a copy that I could please borrow? nathan: I'm looking in your direction cos you have about a gazillion dvds.

Not seeing Alien makes me realise that there are a lot of "classic" films that I haven't seen. And I don't mean classic as in they're good films - I mean as if they are "oh my lord you haven't seen x?!" type films.

I finally watched "The Shining" about 6 weeks ago. I think it was the uncut or extended version cos it seemed to go on forever. I think I only finished watching the film so I could say that I had seen it. For those of who havent seen it, here's an overview - performed by bunnies (exactly how Mr Kubrick intended it to be)

There's heaps of other films I'd like to see but I'd probably have to send away via an overseas internet order to get. In the video store that I usually go to, they have hardly any "older" videos - and they have way too much Police Academy movies too.

Some movies I haven't (really) seen but really should:

Most of the original star wars trilogy; plus any of the prequals etc.
Citizen Kane
It's A Wonderful Life (ironically, I've had this on DVD, still plastic wrapped, for about 12 months)
The Excorcist & similar (ie horror stories)
2001: A Space Odyssey
The GodFather (all parts, however many there are)
Schindler's List
Pulp Fiction
Face Off (I had to throw this one in here as I didn't get to go to the High School excursion to see this because I "didn't have the right shoes")
Any other recommendations?

There are many reasons why I think I need to see these movies, including being able to understand some jokes in the Simpsons (et al) on a whole 'nother level.

There are heaps of foreign films which we dont get to see (unless we leave the channel on SBS when we randomly flick over to see if there's any nudity). There is some great stuff out there (and not all from china/japan - but most of it is) which I think is being missed out on.

I'd also like to start going to see some (sometimes controversial) documentaries and short films (like at festivals etc). There's a few cinema's around sydney that show these, but unfortunately none near Campbelltown.

Anyone interested?