The USS Quad Damage


We haven't had one in a while. I'm thinking that after my exams are over and I've cleaned up the joint a little, we could have another at my place. I've now got more computers that you can throw a stick at (considering you can only ever throw a stick at 1 computer, unless you count ricochet or splash damage, which is unlikely due to the layout of the room). I AM a little short on network cables, but I think most people should have cables of their own, and everyone else can borrow em (off Michael). I now have 11 ports, if you count the router, and can wrangle up 2 free cables.

Same deal as always, except we'll start in the morning. Harpreet's got a new machine, so it probably won't screw up like always. Maybe organising the games and timing a little better, maybe even a "theme". Who knows. Ideas, people?

I should probably use this space to mention sticky stories, recap episodes and ical.

Basically, a story that's particularly interesting, useful, or timeless should be permalinked on the right. No "events" stuff, like "this is what I did today", but more "why my arms are screwed up", "the meaning of life", etc. since it pertains to opinions and not events.

Recap episodes are like the recap episodes in anime or TV shows where they remember certain bits that happen. Basically, make a post (eg: My neverending anectodes related to cityrail), link it on the right, and have links in that post to all the other posts to do with that topic. Needless to say, this CAN be about events.

ical. Basically, we're organising events now. Both apple and icalx offer free internet calendars. We should make one to share and either link to it or somehow have a small version appear in the sidebar. I shall be setting one up presently as an example.