The USS Quad Damage

And that's the end of that chapter

Congrats on nathan losing weight. I've been putting it on again since thesis. I didn't even go to Hapkido today because I've become a lazy bastard. I'll start jogging again later this year. Each piece of tiny death brings me one step closer to my dream of becoming a samurai pizza cat. I guess I kinda deserve to stay home today. I finished working at VL.

It's a great place, and it's a real pity to leave. It's just that, I'm such a man-whore when it comes to technology. I'm always feeling this urge to go try something new. I even break it off with a kind of "it's not you, it's me", and "I think we should see other people." I'm not saying what I'm doing should be likened to the disgusting nature of today's society, but it really is the same thing. Anyone who says technology doesn't have feelings should stick their balls in warm PCB acid for an hour. Not to learn anything, but to feel my slow and powerful wrath.

So now I'm responsibility free for a little while. I'm kinda banking on the games company here. Anyway... back to work.