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But there's still more

Did you know that tim Shaw (as in the real tim Shaw, not, um, me) is still doing But There's Still More ads. It's for some random company, not Demtel, and no I dont remember what he was advertising - but still, it's good to know he's still around - like me. Yes, I am still around, and that is why I have decided to post something (great segway hey!).

So on with the random rambling eh.

Maybe I should leave it there because it's probably the best thing I'll write in this post. I'm boring, I know it, I'm annoying, I don't have much to say anyway, I'm not funny (apart from that PooLube thing which I'll play out for as much as I can) and I'm not interesting. I also tend to repeat things using different words which make what I write even more annoying.

Well, I'm here, and that's a start. I have been keeping up to date with things by reading your blogs every few days or so - mostly just once a week. Shock! Horror! I actually AM busy with things at work - I know, I can't believe it too! But, I'm also happy to just sit back and read all your opinions on things and laugh laugh laugh. Oh, and I also find some of the intended humour funny too :)

Are smiley faces banned too, or is it just elipses's?

I also don't have the internet at home (one of the negatives of having only mobile phones and not a landline) so I can't log on from home to blog either. (One of the good things - if I want internet, I have to get cable (oh, poor me) - which we might be getting early next year.

Cricket also takes up a lot of my time on the weekend (pretty much the whole of Saturday), and the rest of the weekend - well it goes too fast for me to even remember what I did.

I admit, I have it pretty good at home - a lot of the time I get my dinner's cooked for me by Lynette - and she also does the washing (something I attempt but always seem to fudge my way through it somewhat unsuccessfully) and other things around the house. But the domestic work will never quit. Every week something has to be fixed with the house, or cleaned, or weeded, or watered, or groomed, or washed, or repaired. Moving out of home (as in moving away from your parent(s)) is great. But it also has it's downsides. You don't get much spare time. And this is now - in my current stage of life - I mean, next year I'd like to take on a Uni degree... and Lord help me if a baby decides to pop out.

So what is spare time anyway? I mean, if it's considered spare, does it mean whatever your doing with that time is a waste of it - or even just useless. I like watching TV. I like sleeping. I like browsing the internet. It's not a useless waste of MY time; I'm increasing MY knowledge, or resting MY body. I havent felt bored in at least a couple of years. I think I miss that feeling. In my opinion, spare time must be the time you get to relax and spend on yourself, or spend with your family (like a picnic for example). Which therefore, by my logic (which usually isnt logical), all other things must be stressful - work or study related. This really ticks me off about modern day society (ie what's acceptable). Wow - I'm getting angry and I'm only supposed to be doing some inane rambling - to myself even because I doubt people will have read this far.

Why is everything and everyone so busy? That's not the kind of life that I want. What 'time on me' means to me is survival. What I mean is that people used to hunt things and grow things for themselves to eat. As in what they did, that kept them busy, was for themselves. And just doing that, hunting for example, kept them fit. They would've had a strong will to live and survive - driven by hunger for example, and necessity - no food = death, or no shelter = get wet and sick and probably die from cold. They needed to learn the land - not kill too many animals so there is still more for next year. What I do now is I work for a company that services other people - we aim to give people a better working life - and we lobby governments to give people more time to spend with family. I believe in what we do - but now with Abbot and Costello running the country for at least another 3 years it's just gonna get worse.

Anyways, I work for a company. Sure, I get paid for it, and I use that money to pay for food to feed myself, and pay for a roof over my head etc. But there's no real drive of necessity. No survival instinct to do it. Why can't we all get together and form our own country, and grow things to eat etc, make our own houses. I think that's the life that I'd want. Who's in for that?

If anyone has seen the British (BBC) series "The Good Life" from the 70s - that's the kind of self-sufficiency I'd like.

I know, I havn't presented a very good argument. In fact, I didnt know I was arguing anything - but this is all I can write now cos I have to get some work done.

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