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The music I listen to

Despite all intentions to the contrary, I ended up watching Inside Idol. Now that I've wasted my time, I can't get useful stuff done. So I may as well post, again.

First, to address long standing issues. Paulo's posts are always informative. tim hasn't posted anything in a while considering he's got nothing to do at work and I'm working on a thesis. The era of Moh was short, but it may well have been better that way.

I'll have to agree with the Boa thing. They're really quite a good band, and I get a feeling for listening to their stuff every now and then. I'll also have y'all notice how the music gets shittier as it goes down the list. My list is in no particular order, though.

I've been listening to Bjork's new album, medulla. This album is almost completely made of human voices, and the single was sung at the Olympics. The songs on it are beautifully written, (the ones that have words anyway) and are generally awesome. The only downside is that there are maybe 5 good songs in 14, the rest being "transition songs". This leaves about 15 mins of good music. The upside is, Bjork's a hardcore music pirate, so she probably won't mind if you steal the album (off me, who stole it from the internet). She'd probably mind it even less if you remix it or use it in your own creative work.

Harpreet can vouch for In Flames. They used to be Death Metal, but their new stuff is somewhat... less compelling. Colony, etc. is great. nathan: You've already got some of this. Give em a listen. I went to Harpreet's house recently, and he seems to be, you know, listening to it voluntarily, so it must be good.

Dimmu Borgir & Old Man's Child are great black metal bands. nathan: that's the "evil" sounding music you hear in my car. Great fucking music. Dimmu Borgir's Spiritual Black Dimensions and Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia are great albums that thoroughly dissect the nature of good and evil. Old Man's Child's got killer riffs and a great atmosphere, even if all their songs are like "all hail satan", "satan is my master", and "are you hailing satan yet".

Speaking of music that's got similar sounding song names, there's Type O Negative and Children of Bodom. These are some actual song titles: "Everyone I love is dead", "Everything dies", "Love you to death", "Life is killing me", "The dream is dead", and "The Glorious Liberation of the People's Technocratic Republic of Vinnland by the Combined Forces of the United Territories of Europa". Deep. The music itself is awesome though. CoB similarly have song titles with the words "Children" or "Bodom" in them, like "Children of decadence", "Bodom after Midnight", "Lake Bodom", and "Silent night, Bodom Night". Again, absolutely brilliant music. nathan: You mistook CoB for Dimmu in my car once. I don't know how.

Falconer are like Dungeons & Dragons Metal. Storytelling, fantasy, Power Metal. I don't think I need to say more.

I can't mention Falconer without mentioning Dungeon. Aussie power metal. They opened for Opeth, and they're fucking amazing (for an Aussie band). They take power metal to new heights. Listen to their stuff, and buy it if you like it, because otherwise they'll starve to death.

Daysend. Another Aussie metal band (they opened for Strapping Young Lad). I found it hard to believe they were Aussie. They were just that good. Coupled with their bite-sized bassist, (she can probably beat me up, but I'll take that chance) they truly make Aussie Metal sound world class. They've only got the one album out so far, but it's good.

At the Gates. They don't exist any more. There's a band named "The Haunted", which is almost as good, but with 2 minute songs, they're a lot less satisfying. At the Gates was, is, and always will be, incredibly fucking awesome. Their lyrics have an incredible depth, their music is completely killer. They were the original Soilwork, and will always be the best.