The USS Quad Damage

The little things in life

My little brother's got a Nokia with an infrared port. My palm's got an infrared port. So I thought "Why not?".

There is an infinite joy in being able to dial a number using your palm and having the phone connect. Ridiculous? yes, since the phone's right there! Fiddly? You betcha! IR ports need to be held in line of sight, and the Palm's cover gets right in the way of the port. On top of that, you need to enable IR on the phone, and it only remains enabled for a minute or so.

The procedure effectively becomes a ridiculous one. Enable IR on the phone through a menu option. hold it in front of the palm with one hand, while holding the palm and trying to type the number in the other. The sheer ridiculousness of technology is baffling, and entertaining to no end.

So I'm resolved to get a bluetooth phone next. Keep everything synced. Hopefully 3G data costs will be reduced (don't laugh!). It's doing dumb crap like this that I ever opted for a palm, as opposed to something useful like an ipod.