The USS Quad Damage

Small, but, "poignant"

Yes, this is a small post. If you don't like it, don't read it. First: go to It's a great read. I assume the main site has other guides that are also poignant, but I haven't read them yet.

Has anyone noticed that uncle toby's new slogan "seriously 'GOOD' munch" has quotes around good, implying that they're not actually good. Further, the capitalisation suggests that they're being sarcastic. Rather strange.

Bjork's new album is almost all vocals (I think there's a piano with someone making grunting noises for 5 minutes, but that track doesn't count). It's too short, and there's only about 4 good songs on it, but it still manages to be awesome. Go to bjork's site to find out more. She said the words "death metal" about this album (she's got a shitload of people on it, including someone metal...ish), so it's OK to listen to her... isn't it?