The USS Quad Damage


I started writing this as a comment, but it got a little wordy.

Why I'm supposed to be so busy? I have to write a report on what "research goals" I've achieved in the last year... which implies I have done something in the last year, for uni anyway, so I'm off trying to fix that. Well I only started in Feb, so I only have to come up with roughly 7 months of work or something... =)

Camel - I'll load up ICQ a bit later and export everything we've said so you can get that, I think I can get about 99.7% of what we've said to each other on ICQ. Although it'll be from a few different programs. When my Thinkpad was my main machine I was using Trillian, now I'm using a pretty but somewhat limited program called Proteus, that uses SQLite to store the history, so one day I'll see about converting everything into that and making a new history viewer or something.

When I get a LOT of time, I might have a look into adding IM histories into this thing -, what they call "the universal information client". Although they might've already beaten me to it. An email client that runs best on machines with 768MB of RAM? Sounds too much like outlook.