The USS Quad Damage

Damn it

Today I got home via the following -
10:30pm leave MQ on a bus after getting a the bus stop exactly at the scheduled time for the bus.
10:54 Arrive at Epping, noticed normal entrance is blocked off, walk around the side
10:58 In Epping station, see friends, see train go past, oops, that was mine, next time in an hour, so I get a lift to Turramurra.
11:25 At Turramurra
11:36 Wondering where the train is
11:50 Oh, the train I wanted is the last train, the guard on the train in the other direction can't help me, 131500 is automated only at this hour.
Midnight, I called my friend to bitch about it, train arrives, about 27 minutes late, better than waiting till 4 am....
1:05 am I'm at Granville station, it took a while, that's even without extra delays.
1:30 am Home after getting a lift off parents. 3 hours after leaving uni.

Oh, I left so late because I was busy chatting with someone (on MSN though). Found that while she's not with him, she loves him and won't be happy without him. *sigh* Nothing unusual in that, except she's someone I'm getting along with, who is probably smarter than me, quite cute, studies computing, isn't a freak, is a lots of fun and a nice person in general (listed in random order).