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Deicidedly average

After going to the In flames concert yesterday and donating blood today, I was already pre-caching delicious puns about Type O Negative and Indian food. Heavy with anticipation, I asked about my blood type. The lady waited for a bit, "It's not showing up, I'll have to wait for the printout". Boy, these ladies sure know how to build up tension. Eventually, I got the answer, and one which I was expecting, but not hoping for: I'm type A+. 31% of Australians are A+.

Incidently, 41% are O+, which is strange because that makes type O, the rarest blood type, also the most prominent amongst Australians. With 9% being the elusive O-, which means that half of all aussies are type O. I was hoping against odds that I was among the 9% of type O negatives, if only for the bad heavy metal puns. The additional bonus being that it gives me 2 continuous days of metal involvement, which I've been lacking as of late. from the metal and the hot indian food which ties in to the older indian food post which is all interconnected in a rich tapestry which leads to this point: The In Flames concert. I had to go there straight from work. I got there early enough to hear the drum tests. My brother got there at just barely 7. The bastard. I got off at Redfern and walked to the uni. Sydney uni is fucking massive. It's a lot closer to Redfern station than Central, but getting to the Manning bar is about even from Central or Redfern (I didn't have my trundle wheel with me, so I couldn't be sure).

By the time I got there I had to pee, so I'm looking around the Manning "house" as they call it, for "toilets", as I call them. This girl and guy are sitting at the cafe. The girl seems the type who protests at women's rights marches, anti-gun parades, hell, she seems the type who whines any chance she gets. Usual uni fare. She calls me over and says with her slow, snooty left-wing voice: "Are you... involved... in that death... metal... thing up there?" (for the record, I don't know what "left-wing" means, so if you want, you can replace it with "right-wing". It doesn't change the wing..i..ness.. of the comment). I said "you mean the In Flames concert?". she said "That's all I wanted to know". She'll probably be using that as something to bitch about at her next rally. I think my point was totally lost: If you were at a John-Butler trio gig and I said "are you involved with that neo.. jazz.. thing... up there?" it'd probably piss you off.

So I get in line after deciding my brother's a retard, and won't be turning up for a significant period of time. There's this dude (high-schooler) who gets a call on his mobile, and starts talking to someone (who is presumably also gonna be late). I don't remember the exact words, but it was basically about how the people he was talking to didn't have a "commitment" to listen to the music he liked. He sounded like a prick. When his friends did turn up, one of the (males) started asking around for make-up, because he didn't have time to apply it beforehand. They did not. He started discussing the possibility of him wearing his spikes in the moshpit. Then some crap about hair-care products and shoes. At this point, I realised that we live in an age when homosexuals and metalheads can have the same conversation about make-up.

He asked the group in front of them. One of them said they had mascara, but he ate it. OK, maybe the homos aren't gonna have the exact same conversations.

A camera went past, people did growly stuff at the camera, I did a goofy smile. If I'm on the DVD I'll be immortalised as a dickhead.

Which brings me to my next point. 16 yr olds shit me. With reference to the particular fucks in the line, to James from Hapkido, and some first years I saw on the bus today. First of all, they sound like lebs "this and that was fully sick, bro". This sounds OK for James, because it's James, but for a guy with spikes, dreads, chains, and make-up, "fully sick" should not be in your vocabulary. The "what you talkin' bout willis" style of punnage is really low-brow. That from metalheads, I'm disappointed. The first-years at my uni were really only good at talking about how retarded other people are. So-and-so is incompetent, the lecturers can't do their job, etc. It's really quite vulgar. I'm embarrased that I used to talk like that.

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